Danielle Hawk
for Congress

Real Representation

We are all tired of living in a political world where our representatives aren’t willing to work together. The issues we face in North Central Florida are far too important to be distracted by partisanship. 


That's why we need to elect Danielle Hawk as the next representative for Florida's 3rd district. 


Real leadership means reaching across the aisle and listening to people who believe differently. It is rooted in the knowledge that we are stronger when we work for, not against, one another.


Real leadership - real representation - represents everyone. 


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Help us get Danielle Hawk on the ballot!

Come election day, every candidate needs
to have their name on the ballot.

That's where you come in.
In order for Danielle Hawk to get on the ballot, we need to collect over 3,000 signatures from registered voters in Florida in support of her campaign.

If you're registered to vote in the state of Florida, download & print the Spanish or English petition below and fill it out with the information that reflects your voter registration. Print a few extra for your family and friends, too! You can mail all completed forms to our office at PO Box 357423 Gainesville, FL 32635. 

Only wet signatures will be accepted - please fill out a hard copy of the form using a pen. If you need assistance or do not have access to a printer,  email us at volunteeers@daniellehawk.com.

We Want to Hear from You

Danielle Hawk knows that good leadership starts with listening to the people you serve. That's why we'll make sure that everyone who reaches out to us receives a personal response from one of our dedicated campaign staffers.


PO Box 357423 Gainesville, FL 32635