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Advancing Family Values

Our families are under attack from politicians like Congresswoman Kat Cammack, who fight against making life easier for our families while claiming to support “family values”. In Congress, she has voted to keep millions of American children in poverty, our three-and-four-year-olds out of public pre-K, and the cost of childcare unaffordable. Instead of uplifting our families, Cammack spends her time fear-mongering to score political points with extremists and distract voters from her terrible record. Our nation deserves leaders who will serve our families rather than engage in the politics of division and hate. Unlike Cammack, Danielle supports expanding the child tax credit to lift children out of poverty, limiting the cost of childcare for our families, and expanding public pre-K to include all of America’s three-and-four-year-olds.

Empowering Women & Girls

Over the last several decades, our nation has made great strides in securing justice for women and girls, but much work remains to be done. In America today, women are still being paid significantly less than men for the same work, women are still being victimized by their partners, and women are still being denied the right to control their own bodies. In the 21st century, guaranteeing women dignity and respect cannot be a partisan or political issue. This cause must be championed by all, regardless of party, who believe that violence and abuse must be things of the past. To ensure women full equality, we must make Roe v. Wade federal law, strengthen the Violence Against Women Act, and enact paid family leave for all. These common-sense, bipartisan policies will empower American women and girls to make fundamental decisions for themselves about their lives, bodies, and families.

Reducing Gun Violence

The American people strongly support passing gun-safety legislation to save the lives of children in our schools, moviegoers in our theaters, and congregants in our churches. To start curbing gun violence, we must first close the loopholes allowing dangerous individuals to buy deadly weapons without passing background checks. We must stop criminals from using untraceable firearms to avoid responsibility by outlawing the manufacture and distribution of so-called ghost guns which cannot be tracked. To protect victims of domestic abuse and other violent crimes, we should be prohibiting their assailants from purchasing or possessing firearms. By doing so, we can significantly reduce the number of women and intimate partners being victimized by gun violence. We must go farther, however, to save lives by banning semi-automatic assault rifles, stopping weapons manufacturers from preying on our young people, and ensuring that firearms are out of the reach of our children.

Protecting Rural Florida

Across North Florida, our small rural communities are struggling with limited educational opportunities, stagnant populations, and economic insecurity. This difficult reality must be confronted head on if we want to restore our beloved small towns. We can preserve our communities if we are willing to engage in the challenging work of revitalization. In order to do so, we must invest significant resources in our local infrastructure to maintain our current residents, expand opportunities for our young people, and attract new neighbors who value our region’s natural beauty. We must make our government work for our rural counties by extending high-speed internet access, establishing farmers’ right to repair their equipment, and granting federal protection to our local waters.

Defending Our Democracy

American democracy is being threatened by extremists who deny that we the people should choose our own representatives. Since the January 6th Insurrection, supporters of former President Trump’s election lies have been undermining the integrity of our democracy by passing numerous anti-voter laws across our country. In this moment of peril, all Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who cherish our republic must stand up for democratic values by denouncing these election lies. As patriotic Americans, we must unite to confront MAGA Republicans’ continuing assault on our nation’s democratic institutions. Instead of destroying our republic, we should instead be strengthening self-government by passing the Freedom to Vote Act (FTVA), enacting the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA), and reforming the Electoral Count Act (ECA). By doing so, we will ensure that voters of color are equitably represented in Congress, stop rampant voter suppression, establish clear penalties for fraudulent electoral slates, crack down on dark money in politics, and ensure American democracy endures in the 21st century.

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