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Reducing Gun Violence

Gun violence is a profoundly American problem. While traffic fatalities had long been the leading cause of death among children in the United States, gun violence now takes the lives of more of our nation’s children. Every day, 110 Americans are killed by firearms in incidents of gun violence. We are no longer safe going to school, shopping for groceries, enjoying a movie or even visiting a house of worship. These daily incidents of gun violence and mass shootings are largely preventable through policy intervention. This dark reality compels us to act against the epidemic of gun violence - every moment we wait, another life is stolen from us. The American people support enacting common-sense gun-safety legislation to save lives.

Protecting Our Water & Our Planet

By involving the federal government in prioritizing the conservation of our district’s freshwater springs, breaching the Rodman Dam, restoring the Ocklawaha River, and making sure that large corporations pay their fair share for using our water, we can revitalize our local economies and build healthy communities.

Hawk for Congress has pledged to not accept contributions “from oil, gas, and coal industry executives, lobbyists, and PACs and instead prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits.”

The Right to Repair

Ranchers and farmers should have the freedom to repair their own agricultural equipment without corporate interference. Family-owned farms are currently being held hostage by big equipment manufacturers - forced to spend thousands of dollars and drive hours to distant dealerships to repair equipment that could be more easily and cheaply fixed at home or by a local mechanic. The purchases of tools, vehicles, and machinery should always come with access to diagnostic software enabling farmers to repair the property they bought with their hard-earned money. Guaranteeing the right to repair will foster economic competition, streamline locally-owned agriculture, and revitalize our rural communities.

Advancing Reproductive Freedom

All Americans must be guaranteed access to comprehensive reproductive health care to preserve our individual liberties and capacity to make informed decisions for ourselves at all stages of life. We must codify the right to bodily autonomy that was established in Roe v. Wade by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act. While the right to choose is a critical component of reproductive freedom, other issues affect our ability to make educated decisions about our own bodies. We must further guarantee that Americans receive age-appropriate, science-based reproductive education, experience menstrual equity and justice, and are provided comprehensive women’s healthcare services.

Affordable Healthcare & Protecting Eldercare

Expanding healthcare so that it is more affordable and accessible to families is a personal issue for Danielle. When Danielle was in high school, her younger sister was diagnosed with a chronic illness, and throughout her childhood her parents cared for her elderly grandparents, including her grandmother who battled Alzheimer’s.


Our current healthcare system exists to serve the best interests of corporations, not people. The system is designed to maximize profits at the cost of everyday Americans. A study by The Commonwealth Fund found that nearly 23% of adults in the US were unable to pay their exorbitant medical bills. We are tired of being bankrupted by prescription drug costs, administration fees, surprise medical bills, and health insurance premiums. Affordable and accessible health care must be a national priority, so medicare for all should be the goal. 

Labor Rights & Worker Protections

In 2020, more than 60% of Floridians voted to raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. Floridians, and all working-class Americans, are tired of working longer hours for lower wages. The federal minimum wage must be raised to $15 an hour. No one who works a full-time job should be unable to put food on their table or pay their bills. Local businesses are the backbone of America. If we want to support small businesses, we need to level the playing field against big corporations like Amazon, McDonald's, and Walmart who are capable of paying their workers far more than the federal minimum wage. To do so, Danielle would support a tax subsidy or other economic incentive that supports small businesses so that they too can raise their wages while maintaining sustainable profits.

Rural Broadband

Our rural communities are a vital part of life in North Central Florida and we need rural economic development, including bringing jobs-creating industries to our district. As we all experienced in 2020, access to the internet is imperative to keep our society from grinding to a halt. From locally owned small businesses to family farms,  high-speed internet must be affordable and available to everyone.

Accessible & Affordable Higher Education

During her time working in higher education, Danielle saw firsthand how many educational opportunities are directly tied to a student’s financial situation. The United States has some of the highest college tuition rates in the world and the average has almost doubled in the last 30 years. We must work to eliminate barriers to higher education and find ways to increase financial support for lower- and middle-income families in FL-03.

Generations of Floridians have benefitted from the state-wide Florida Bright Futures program. Danielle supports developing an expanded national merit-based tuition program for public institutions. Danielle also understands the importance of expanding Pell Grants and funding for the Federal Work Study program, as she benefitted from both programs during her undergraduate career. It is not enough to provide these opportunities for traditional four-year universities, but this should also be available for anyone who attends a trade school or a community college.


Working to serve everyone goes hand in hand with including everyone. In order to ensure Florida’s 3rd district provides an equitable community for all, Danielle Hawk is committed to advocating, supporting, and prioritizing marginalized communities. Regardless of race, ethnicity, education, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, nationality, or origin, striving to cultivate an inclusive and respectful community is a promise that Danielle will work tirelessly to maintain. From championing civil rights, ensuring accessible high-quality health care coverage, fighting for women's rights and gender equality, to addressing systemic inequalities and delivering accountability, Danielle is dedicated to bringing real representation to FL-03.