Meet Danielle

Danielle is running for Congress, because as an active community member and working class resident of the district, she realizes the challenges our community is facing requires new, community-first leadership.


Growing up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Danielle watched her parents work hard to make ends meet for their three children and still find a way to take care of others. This example instilled in her the importance of living a life of compassion and service. From a young age, Danielle spent much of her free time volunteering at community organizations or developing her own projects to help others in need. 

Danielle and her husband, Jacob, met while volunteering in Central America in a year-long program aimed at supporting impoverished and orphaned children. After returning to the US, they attended college in South Florida, where they started careers in higher education, before settling in Gainesville. Danielle holds a BA in ministry from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a Master of Arts in intercultural studies from Biola University. Danielle currently works in customer service at a made-in-the-USA furniture company. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, reading, and hiking in the incredible natural treasures of FL-03.


Real Representation

Danielle is stepping up to run because it’s time to bring the voices of everyday Floridians and hard-working, people-first leadership to Congress for the third district.


Our representation has failed to listen to and tackle our communities' issues and it’s time that instead of serving a political party, our representative serves the people -  we are all tired of living in a political world where our representatives aren’t willing to work together and put partisanship above results. 


Danielle knows what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck, board up her home for a hurricane, live without health insurance, and navigate our broken unemployment system. The issues we face in North Central Florida are far too important to get caught up in partisanship. As your congresswoman, Danielle will lead with compassion and be a true representative for everyone in Florida’s third congressional district.

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Danielle doesn't come from money - she's an everyday American, working a full time job in customer service to put food on the table. She's counting on people just like her to chip in what they can.